• Clean room ceiling panels

    Clean room ceiling panels

    New conception design, accurate size, not easy to be deformed;
    Light, high density, high strength, high loading-capacity;
    Fire resistant, corrosion resistant, magnet resistant, non pollution and non radiation;
    Stable performance, no attenuation, good static-conducting performance;
    Can be recycled.

  • Decolourant


    The product is a quaternary amine cationic polymer compound with multiple functions such as decolorization, flocculation, and CODcr degradation. It is mainly used for the decolorization treatment of high-chroma wastewater in dye plants, and can be applied to the treatment of acid and disperse dye wastewater. It can also be used for the treatment of industrial wastewater such as textiles, printing and dyeing, pigments, inks, and papermaking. Product features Strong decolorization abil...
  • Defoamer


    This product is an efficient defoamer specially developed for various water treatment systems. By reducing the surface tension between water, solution and suspension, the purpose of preventing foam formation and reducing or eliminating the original foam is achieved. It is easy to disperse in water, can be well compatible with liquid products, and is not easy to demulsify and float oil. It has strong defoaming and anti-foaming power, and the dosage is small, without affecting the basic propert...
  • Heavy metal removal agent

    Heavy metal removal agent

    This product is a high-efficiency compound agent specially developed for the treatment of complex heavy metal wastewater. It belongs to the DTC class of recapture agents, which contains a large number of active groups. The sulfur atoms in the active groups have small electronegativity, large radius, easy to lose electrons and easy to polarize deformation, and generate a negative electric field to capture cations and tend to form bonds. , It can produce insoluble amino dithioformate (DTC salt)...
  • COD Remover

    COD Remover

    This product is a new type of environmentally friendly water purifier with strong destructive ability. It can quickly react with organic matter in water, decompose organic matter, and achieve the purpose of removing COD in water through a series of actions such as oxidation, adsorption, and flocculation. This product is easy to use, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to biodegrade, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Application areas: wastewater treatment in ele...
  • Ammonia nitrogen remover

    Ammonia nitrogen remover

    This product is mainly used to remove ammonia nitrogen in wastewater. After being added, the ammonia nitrogen in wastewater will partially generate nitrogen that is insoluble in water. Nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide and water. The catalytic component of this product will remove the ionic ammonia nitrogen in wastewater. It is transformed into a free state, and has the effect of assisting COD removal and decolorization. The reaction process can be completed in 2-10 minutes without residue and high removal rate.

  • Deodorant


    This product uses plant extraction technology to extract effective ingredients from the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of a variety of plants. It produces force under the action of rays, improves the activity of plant fluids, and can quickly polymerize with various harmful and odorous molecules. Substitution, substitution, adsorption and other chemical reactions, effectively removing ammonia, organic amines, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide and othe...
  • Defluoride agent

    Defluoride agent

    This product is a high-efficiency defluoride compound compound developed for advanced treatment of fluorine-containing wastewater in semiconductor, panel, photovoltaic, metal smelting, coal mine and other industries. This product loads the positively charged aluminum layer on the surface of the carrier, so that the overall defluorinating agent particles are positively charged; when the agent is added to the fluorine-containing wastewater, it can form sludge and precipitate with the negatively...
  • Phosphorus removing agent

    Phosphorus removing agent

    This product is a composite high molecular polymer with a huge molecular structure and strong adsorption capacity. The water purification effect is better than traditional inorganic water purification agents. The flocs formed after inputting the raw water are large, the sedimentation speed is fast, the activity is high, and the filterability is good; it has strong adaptability to various raw water and has little effect on the pH value of the water. Applicable fields: suitable for all kinds of...
  • Demulsifier


    This product is a new type of demulsifier specially developed for emulsions. Its principle is to destroy the emulsion by partially replacing the stable membrane. It has strong demulsification and flocculation effects. It is suitable for oil-in-water emulsion wastewater. , Can realize fast demulsification and flocculation, COD removal and oil removal and flocculation effect is very good. It is suitable for wastewater treatment in petrochemical, steel, hardware, mechanical processing, surface t...
  • Hydrogen peroxide enzyme

    Hydrogen peroxide enzyme

    This product is a high-efficiency compound agent, which can promote the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in water into molecular oxygen and water, and specifically remove hydrogen peroxide in wastewater such as grinding wastewater, ammonia nitrogen wastewater, and oxygen bleaching wastewater in semiconductor, panel, and paper manufacturing processes. It is suitable for the removal of hydrogen peroxide in the wastewater of semiconductor, panel, papermaking and other industries, and it can be...


    Cup type filtering half mask has been designed with comfort in mind. The super-soft, cushioned lining provides instant yet lasting comfort; whilst the robust design makes it tough and durable. Features and Advantages FFP2 Level CE approved for at least 94 percent filtration efficiency against sodium chloride and oil-based particles. Flexible Nose Clip The nose clip is easy for wearers to mould around the nose quickly, helping provide a custom fit and secure seal. Spacious and Durable S...
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